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Debbie Tettenborn Stewart

  • Salmon Arm, British Columbia Canada
  • 250-253-8558

About Me

I was first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in January of 2015, after my son had his adenoids and tonsils out. I was given a diffuser and a blend for respiratory care (RC) to help with his breathing throughout the nights ... let's face it - an overnight stay in the hospital can make you sicker than before you went in!!
Every time I passed his room, I was enamoured by the smell of the oils. It was at this point I decided these tiny little bottles had to prove healthier on my lungs and body than any scented candle, plug-in, or aerosol we had previously been using in our household, so I bought the Premium Starter Kit based on very little information other than the fact they smelled great.
I developed a skin condition on my eyelids, and not only could I not use prescription medication on my eyes ... the PRICE was outrageous!! Instead, I decided to come home and revisit these oils for what they really are ... healthful!! And guess what happened?!? I had my first A-HA moment, which 'FRANK'ly (get it? ... FRANK!! - don't worry, you soon will) I thought was coincidence, but then you keep having more and more of them and you realize there is something truly amazing about the Young Living productline. THEY WORK!!

I have a BDSc and came across these oils with my scientific hat on wanting research documents - PROOF!! Here's the proof ... they work! Plain and simple!! When something you are using works after exhausting all other resources, I no longer needed to know the why or how they worked. I only focused on my WHY and my WHY is that moment I realized I could never go a single day throughout the remainder of my lifetime without using these oils in one way, shape or form on a regular basis, especially knowing I have transitioned our home into a chemical free environment.

Here is my personal guarantee: if you TRY THEM / you will LOVE THEM / you can't help but SHARE THEM!!!